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Common Area
  • I want to plant a shrub outside my back door. Is that all right?
    You should first submit a request to the Board.  Keep in mind that you are responsible for maintaining any improvements you make to the area around your unit.  If the plant should die, you are responsible for removing it.

Garbage Cans
  • I will be leaving town early Thursday morning and will not be back until Sunday night. Can I leave my garbage can in front of my garage until I get back?
    Garbage cans are to be moved into the garage no later than Thursday night.  Notify the manager in advance so that she can move it for you.  That way your neighbors will not have to  look at it and drive around it all weekend.

  • Are owners expected to attend Board Meetings? I keep seeing the notice of the date and time for the meeting each month.
    The Board of Directors are your elected representatives.  Owners, agents and tenants are welcome to attend meetings.  If you would like for the Board to discuss a particular concern you should present your concern to either the manager or a board member so that the topic can be on the agenda. 

  • What are the limitations on occupancy in the units.
    According to the Documents/Resolution, Dec of Ownership, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions/Article IV, Section 6, page 22) 
         All permanent residents and tenants shall consist of no more than 3 occupants per unit; one of which shall be an adult 18 yrs or older.
    See Documents (this website)

  • How many Reserved Parking spots can I have?
    Only one Reserved Parking space is allowed per unit. The charge for a Reserved Parking space is $60 per quarter payable in advance and due at the beginning of each quarter.  Partial quarter periods will be prorated for newly-reserved spaces; no refunds will be made for spaces which are relinquished during a quarter period.  
  • How many vehicles may I park in the complex?
    Residents of each unit are expected to park one vehicle in the garage.  Each unit is entitled to park one vehicle on-site without charge.  Any space which is not marked 'RESERVED' may be utilized on a first-come basis, subject to availability.  If desired, the "First Exterior Parking Space" may be reserved, with selection subject to availability.  The charge for a "Reserved Parking Space" is $20 per month, payable 3 months in advance, and billed per each quarter. Partial quarter periods will be prorated for newly-reserved spaces; no refunds will be made for spaces which are relinquished during a quarter period.  Only one reserved space shall be permitted per unit.
    All "Second Exterior Parking Spaces" are subject to approval of the Board of Directors.  If a Condo unit requires a 2nd exterior parking space, that space cannot be reserved and shall only be available on a first-come basis.  The charge for a 2nd exterior parking space is $30 per month.  
    All additional exterior parking spaces are subject to approval of the Board. If a condo unit requires a 3rd exterior parking space the charge is $50 per month. There is no provision for a 4th parking space 
  • I just bought a new vehicle, should I notify the manager?
    Yes, a description of every  vehicle parked within the complex  must be on file with the managers office.  Parking stickers for each vehicle are issued by the manager and should be displayed in or on the windshield.

  • I'd like to have a pool party for my grandson. What is the charge and what do I need to do.
    Notify the manager of the date you'd like to use the pool area.  You  need to put up a $100 deposit prior to the date of the party.  If the area is left in good shape you will be refunded $80.  A $20 fee will be retained.


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